Park View City is a pioneering venture by Vision Group. It intends to provide all the luxurious amenities and comfort to its residents. The housing scheme is situated in the Zone IV of Islamabad, near Bahria Enclave. In addition to its serene environment, gentle breeze, the pearly glow of the sky, warm light of the sun, placid aura, it is a cost-effective and profitable investment. In a nutshell, investing in Park View City is a venture providing a peaceful ambiance and fruitful investment. Some of the premium features of Park View City are enlisted below.

Aesthetically Pleasing Botanical Garden

One of the unique features of Park View City is that botanical gardens are just a minute away. The floral gardens are aesthetically pleasing and bring hope and joy to their audience and enhance the fertility of the soil. Fleshly and leafy plants, garden herbs, tropical plants, and flowers enhance the beauty of this residential complex.

Organic Market

Another distinctive feature of this revolutionary residential complex is the presence of an organic market. We believe that a healthy lifestyle affects your health and your mood, attitude, and mind. To ensure a healthy lifestyle for its residents, developers of Park View City are planning to establish an organic market to purchase organic fruits and vegetables.

Intriguing IMAX Cinema

The housing society aspires to fulfill all the needs of its residents, including entertainment. They plan to build an IMAX cinema within the community so that residents don’t have to travel miles to watch any movie or show. Furthermore, the residential complex will use 3D technology, which is unusual in Pakistan’s main cities at the moment.

Parks and Walking Zones

“Take a quiet park with mother nature; it will nurture your mind, soul, and body.”

Vision group is planning to establish parks and walking zones within society to spend their leisure time while playing in parks. Even the adults can spend their time in parks befriending other neighbors and watching their children playing. To ensure a healthy lifestyle and natural experience, there will be a special place for walking zones in the park and outside where the residents of this community can walk. Walking not only ensures a healthy lifestyle but also alters the mood and attitude of people.

Educational Institutes

“Education is the mother of leadership.” Wendell Willkie

The importance of education can be easily determined through this quotation of Wendell Willkie. Education can transform the lives of youngsters, which are the future of our country. As a result, Park View City has given special importance to the development of educational institutes. The school will feature skilled and experienced tutors skillful and experienced tutors that will teach students enthusiastically.

Health Care Centers

The owners and developers of Park View City are building health care centers within the community so that in case of any emergency, residents don’t have to rush and face trouble. Instead, hospitals and clinics will be nearby. The hospital will feature expert doctors, an adequate number of beds, surgical kits. Special measures will be taken to ensure proper hygiene in clinics and hospitals.

Electricity, Gas and Water Resources

The residents of Park View City will no longer have to worry about missing their favorite Netflix shows or ironing their clothes at the last moment, as electricity, gas, and water will be supplied 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In case of any shortfall, action will be taken quickly to address the issue.

Green Collar

Tranquil, environmentally friendly, and green collar are some words that can describe Park view City. This luxurious residential society is away from the hustle and bustle of the City and is a pollution-free zone offering a healthy lifestyle to its residents.

Magnificent Mosque

Park View City intends to fulfill the religious demands of its inhabitants. The residents of this spectacular community will get a chance to start their day with the soothing voice of azan and soul-stirring recitation of Al-Quran. The mosque will have a remarkable infrastructure and groundbreaking technology where the inhabitants of the residential complex can offer their prayers.


Security is the top-most priority of the Vision group. Park View City is a highly guarded community with having number of surveillance cameras. A no-unauthorized person will be allowed to enter the premises of the residential complex. CCTV cameras will be implanted inside so that no illegal activity will take place in society. In case any illegal activity is witnessed, strict actions will be taken against the culprit.

Opulent Apartments

Apartments comprise of meticulous infrastructure and astonishing layout. They are designed by keeping in mind the luxurious yet comfortable lifestyle of the consumer. Best of all, with park view city ideal location and splendid apartments, it is one of the ideal housing schemes you can invest in with a guaranteed profit return.

Golf Estate

Park View City has recently decided to establish a golf estate, entertaining and aesthetic addition to the landscape of this splendid community. It has aesthetically pleasing landscapes that cannot be found in any other housing scheme or anywhere else in society. The golf estate is near Bahria Enclave and can be accessed easily from the second gate of the community. The golf estate offers an alluring landscape along with a remarkable experience of golf.

Park View City Amenities

 Life without comfort is like the pizza without olives.” Keeping this in mind, Park View City aspires to provide its residents with luxurious amenities, comfort, and cost-effective investment. The beautiful housing society gives people a chance to fulfill all their fantasies and live a life with a standard of living. Enlisted are some of the salient features of Park View City.

  • CCTV surveillance and monitoring
  • 24/7 Water, Power and Gas
  • Budget-Friendly Payment Plans
  • Drainage systems
  • Remarkable Health Care Units
  • Reputed Educational Institutes